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Deploy the virtual machine using Amazon Web Services (AWS), by following the steps below. .


In order to deploy the virtual machine, you need to launch Amazon Machine Images (AMI).

Note: For additional information or help in regard to the AMI, please refer to Amazon’s guide:

Follow the steps below to deploy the AMI.

  • Make certain the region on the top right of the AWS interface is either S. Virginia or N. California.
  • From the AWS, select EC2 (top left).


The Create Instance page will appear:


  • From here, deploy a Netmail instance by clicking Launch Instance.

You will need to perform the following steps for each AMI.  For this example, we will be deploying one of the AMIs (Netmail Archive 5.4).

After selecting Launch Instance, you will be taken to Step 1.

Step 1: Choose an Amazon Machine Image


  • From the column on the left, click AWS Marketplace, then type “Netmail” in the search field.


  • You will see two types of instance (Netmail - Archive, Netmail - Index). In order to have a fully functional system you will need repeat the rest of the process with both AMI to running in the same subnet. Click Select, which will take you to Step 2

Step 2: Choose Instance Type

In Step 2 you will choose an instance type.


Scroll down the list. In the Type column, find c3.xlarge, which meets the minimum Netmail - Archive requirements. For the index instance, select t2.2xlarge which meetings the minimum Netmail - Index requirements.  (Other instances can be selected, but performance may be impacted. Requirements for Archive can be found on located here Archive).

  • Choose either Review and Launch or Next: configure instance details

Note: Review and Launch will use a default installation. Only choose Next: configure instance details if you require a more advanced configuration. If you select Next: Configure Instance Details. You will then need to configure Step 3 through 6 independently, in relation to your specific system configuration.


Step 3: Configure Each Instance

Repeat the launch for each AMI. Once deployment of both AMIs is successful, return to main AWS page.

  • Click EC2, once again.


  • Select Instances from the left column

The instances page will be unique to the specific instances you have deployed and which are currently running.

  • Right click on the Netmail archive instance you just applied.
  • Select Instant State > Start

Once the virtual machine has been created, you can begin the deployment wizard. Start with the Archive node first then the Index.


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