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To provision the virtual machine, follow the steps below. 


1. Click the Play button to power up the VM.

2. Select NetmailSecure [ VMX ], and then press Enter to load the boot sequence. The screen will remain blank for a few moments while the boot sequence loads.

3. On the Hostname and Domain Name screen, enter the Hostname of your Netmail Secure virtual machine and the Domain Name. The domain name is used for DNS resolution purposes, should the machine need to resolve something on the internal network. The domain name is also used in DNS for appending a search suffix. Uncheck Assign Hostname to Loopback IP and Change Hostname via DHCP.

4. At the bottom of the Network Configuration screen, select Change > Network Interfaces. Verify the configuration settings you have entered, and then select Next to continue.

5. On the Network Settings screen, under the Overview heading, select your network adapter, and then choose Edit (Use the Tab key to toggle selections or press F4).

6. On the Network Card Setup screen, select the Address heading to configure the IP address. Select the Statically assigned IP Address option (do not configure a dynamic address). Enter the network IP Address and Subnet Mask, and then choose Next to continue.

7. Back on the Network Settings screen, select the Hostname/DNS heading (by using Tab or pressing Alt-S). Enter the IP address(es) of your DNS name server(s).

8. On the Network Settings screen, select the Routing heading (Alt-U). Enter the IP address of the Default Gateway, and then select OK (or F10).

9. On the Network Configuration screen, verify the configuration settings you have entered, and then select Next to continue.

Your network configuration settings will be saved. Wait a few moments for the process to finish.


10. Use Tab and Enter keys to select Clock and Time Zone.  If there are any internal network time serves (ntp servers), select [Change…]

11. On the Change Date and Time screen, modify the current time and date, if need be. Select Accept to continue.

12. On the Clock and Time Zone screen, choose your Region and Time Zone. Select Next to continue.


13. TAB to select Synchronize with NTP Server. 

14. Add your internal network time servers or select a public network time server from the list provided.

Press Tab to highlight “Save NTP Configuration” and select Accept to save the configuration settings.

15. You will return to the Change Date and Time page. Select Next to continue.


There will be an automatic restart. After which, you will be able to run the Netmail Configuration Wizard.

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