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Deploy the virtual machine using the Hyper-V manager, by following the steps below. 


1. Unzip the downloaded Netmail Secure virtual machine. The directory structure should look similar to the image below:

2. In your Hyper-V Manager console, select Import Virtual Machine.


3. On the Before you Begin screen, click Next.

4. Browse for the folder containing the unzipped VM.

The folder you select should contain the following folders: Snapshots, Virtual Hard Disks, and Virtual Machines (as shown in the image below). Click Select Folder.

5. Select the virtual machine to import.

6. On the Choose Import Type screen, select Copy the virtual machine to create a new unique ID.

7. You will need to choose a destination where you want to store the VM files.

8. On the Choose Storage Folders screen, select the location in which you want to store the virtual disks.

9. On the Summary screen, review your import settings, and then click Finish to start the import process.

10. After the machine is imported, make certain you select the correct virtual switch for the network adapter (based on your network topology).

Once the virtual machine has been created, power up the machine and go through the bootstrapping sequence.



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  1. Please verify the screenshot of Step 1