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To run the Netmail Archive Configuration Wizard for Exchange, follow the steps below. 

How you connect will depend upon your current setup. Netmail suggests you use remote desktop and use the following login credentials:

Username: Netmail

Password: M3ss4g1ng

Once connected, you’ll see the remote desktop.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and navigate to https://localhost/setup

This will open the Configuration Wizard for Netmail Archive. There are several steps to follow in order to complete the setup of the Netmail archive server. The majority will use default settings.

1:  In the drop down, select Netmail Archive option. Then click Start Setup.


2: A license screen will appear (not shown). To continue, accept the licensing agreement.

The system will automatically look for master archive nodes, before taking you to Step 3.


3: Netmail Node Role Selection


Two dropdown menus appear:

  • In dropdown 1, select Deploy a new Master (new Archive system)

  • In dropdown 2, select create a new administrative cluster

  • Click Next

4: Platform Administrator

You will be required to setup new login credentials for a selected platform administrator. Enter an appropriate email address to receive reports and notifications.

  • Verify the password before proceeding

  • Enter an email address to receive reports and notifications

  • Once the credentials have been entered and the password verified, click Set Administrator

5: Password Sync and Migration

This is used to migrate settings from the current Netmail archive system – should you have one.

  • For the purpose of this deployment, leave this blank and click Next



6: Configuration


  • From the configuration page, select your current exchange mail server

Note: Firewall port Https has to be open to the Exchange Server.

The Exchange Administer UPN is the account which will be used to create the connection with the Exchange server.

  • Enter the Exchange Admin Password

  • Click Test to make sure it will connect

  • Click Next


7: Index Server Setup


The index server is not required for this migration.

  • Select Configure indexing now, automatically from the dropdown menu

  • Click Next

8: Storage Configuration

This is where you will setup your archive storage on the server.


You can use a network location, local drive on the server (which we will setup) or you can use Netmail Store (another Netmail product). For the purpose of this guide, we will perform the steps to setup a server on a local drive.


9: End of Configuration

This page provides a summary of your configuration.


  • Click Proceed

Final Step: Configuration Completed

After proceeding, the bar will indicate the progress of the installation.


  • When the installation is complete, you will be prompted with the option: LaunchNetmail Administration Console.

  • Press Select

Note: Modifications can be done after the wizard is finished, and more locations can be created in the UI.

You will subsequently be brought to the login page.


  • Use Netmail as the username, and the password you created earlier in the process.

“Welcome to Netmail!” will appear.

You can either select, or choose to bypass the tour option. The choice is yours. After which, you will be taken to the Netmail Administration Console.

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