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To run the Netmail Secure Configuration Wizard for Exchange, follow the steps below. 


Point your browser to appliance's TCP/IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name if it has one already setup in its DNS zone.

You will need to click on advanced, in order to add the exception, the first time you see the screen below. 

Step 1: Click Start Setup to launch the deployment Wizard.


Step 2: Read and accept the End User Licensing Agreement,

  • Tick the box next to I understand the licensing terms.

  • Choose New from the three options to deploy the new Secure appliance.

  • Click Next.

Step 3: Depending on the radio button, you will need to set a new password or enter the Netmail user’s existing password, and join an existing Netmail environment. 

Click Next to Continue.


Step 4: Select create a new administrative cluster. Click Next to continue.

Step 5: Enter the Netmail System Cluster Name.

Note: the cluster name should NOT be Netmail. This is a reserved name for the administrative user.


Step 6: Domain configuration:

  • Complete the domain configuration, including: Authentication Source*, Relay address, Postmaster address, Abuse address, and Default Time zone.

Note: this is where you will select your Novell Groupwise as your authentication source.

  • Click Finish to complete the basic configuration of the Netmail Secure “Deployment Wizard”. Click Next.

  • Be sure to Test before attempting to continue, otherwise you will get a popup error. 



Once the configuration is complete, click Launch netmail administration console.


Once you select Launch Netmail Administration Console, you will be taken to the login screen.






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