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 After running the configuration wizard, you must complete the following steps before creating, applying, and deploying archive policies:


Before you can begin using Netmail Archive, you must have a valid Netmail Archive license file. Perform the steps below to update your Licence.


You will need to have received a Netmail license file from the Netmail Licensing Department.

  • Log into Netmail Administration Console.
  • Select the Updates tab (make certain  'Netmail Platform' is selected at the top of the tree on the left side).
  • Click Update License... highlighted in red.

A pop-up dialogue box will appear:

  • elect Choose File, and then browse for the required Netmail_license.xml file you will have received from the Netmail Licensing Department

Once the file is selected, a Submit button will appear. Click Submit to update your license.

Note: If you want to verify that your license has been updated, log in to the Netmail Administration Console and expand the left-hand folder view to select the Archive > Clusters > <Cluster Name> > Agents > Archive object. A license count for the Archive Agent should now appear on the License tab. This license count should match the license count in your file.

GroupWise Client 

Netmail comes with GroupWise 2014 client pre-installed.  Remove and install appropriate client level for your system to support GWAPI and Personal Archive processing.



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