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The following tasks should be performed prior to running the configuration wizard.


1. Create Netmail User Account

The Netmail user Account is created in Groupwise. It is used to identify all of the users in the Groupwise address book which can be subsequently archived in Netmail.

2. Enable SOAP Protocol on all post offices (GroupWise 8.02 or later)

  • Open the Administration console in Groupwise 2014.

  • Click Post Office Agents from the Administration column on the left.

  • A list of agents will appear. Click on the specific agent (screenshot not shown).

  • After selecting the agent, click the Agent Settings tab.

  • Scroll down to the SOAP heading and tick the Enabled:

  • click Save button at the bottom of the screen.



 If SSL is enabled, make sure you also enable it within the Netmail Platform.


3. Generate a trusted application key (GroupWise 8.03 or later ConsoleOne Snapins)

To generate an application key:

  • Click System from the Administration column on the left.
  • Select Trusted Applications.
  • Select the appropriate agent from the list within the Trusted Applications window
  • Enter a Name for the New Trusted App Key.
  • Click OK.

  • A window will appear with a new application key. Copy the key and save it somewhere. You will need it later in the deployment process. 



Once you generate the key, you must save it somewhere, otherwise you will be required to generate a new key when going through the Netmail Deployment process.



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