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  1. Log into the console: Logging in to the Netmail Administration Console
  2. Run addressbook sync: Updating the Address Book Cache
  3. Define locations to store your archives (NB: a default location may have already been created as part of the Configuration Wizard during deployment): Specifying Locations
  4. Run an archive job:
    1. Create a new policy: Policy Planning, Configuration, and Management
    2. Create a job under the Archive agent, and assign it your new policy: Job Creation and Distribution
    3. Run and monitor you job as you did for the Addressbook Sync in Step 2.  Note that each job has its own Report tab for its results.
    4. Besides archiving, review what function each of the agents can perform: Netmail Archive Job Agents for Exchange
    5. Congratulations!  You’re now able to perform the basic tasks of managing an archive system.  Please proceed to the Documentation section for information on how to make the most of your new deployment.
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