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Deploy the virtual machine using VMware, by following the steps below. 


1. Netmail Support will provide you with the appropriate link to download the virtual machine.

2. Unpack the compressed .zip file.

3. Using a VMware vCenter or Virtual Infrastructure Client (such as vSphere below), select File > Deploy OVF Template.

4. Use the Browse button to the location of your .ova file. Click Next to continue.

5. Review the OVF Template Details.

6. In the Name field, enter a Name for your virtual appliance. In Inventory Location, specify where in the inventory you want your virtual appliance to reside. 

7. On the Host / Cluster screen, select the host for the Netmail virtual appliance.

8. Next, select the resource pool within which you wish to deploy the virtual machine.


9. Select where you wish to store the files for the virtual machine.

10. Select a format in which you want to store the virtual disk.


  • Thin provisioned format allocates storage space for data on an as-needed basis.
  • Thick provisioned format immediately allocates all available storage space.

11. Select a network(s) that the deployed virtual machine should use.

12. Review the details onscreen, and then click Finish to start the deployment.

It will take a few minutes to deploy the virtual machine.

Once the virtual machine has been created, power up the machine and begin the bootstrapping sequence.


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  1. For step 2, verify if the package is indeed a zip; I'm not so sure.