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This documentation is for Netmail 5.4. Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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The Netmail Encrypt VM runs in a VMWare ESX environment, and all information you provide in this section should be accurate with respect to your existing TCP/IP and network infrastructure.

Netmail Encrypt Pre-installation Checklist

DNS Configuration 
Unique IP addresses and host names assigned, including netmasks for ETH0IP      
DNS entries created in the DNS and assigned to the IP addresses for ETH0 IP
Reverse IP lookup records (PTR records) placed in DNS for ETH0 IP
Firewall: Inbound Connections to Netmail Encrypt from the InternetPort     
SSH access for system updates/patches                                                                22
SMTP for inbound mail45
HTTPS access to messages443
Firewall: Outbound Connections from Netmail EncryptPort 

SMTP for outbound mail

Domain Name Services (SNS) (TCP and UDP)53
Network Time Protocol (NTP) (UDP)123
Netmail Encrypt Key Retrieval (TCP and UDP)5353

Netmail Encrypt uses HTTPS on port 444 for Administration and HTTPS on port 445 for User Administration. These ports need not be opened in your external firewall, since the services are used only from within your organization. However, you may need to modify proxy servers to allow the ports. Also, port 902/903 is used to access the console for the virtual servers. If necessary, this port may also need to be made accessible.

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