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Introducing Netmail Search

Netmail Search is an advanced eDiscovery tool that allows authorized users to intelligently search, retrieve, view, manage, and export their archived data in a timely and cost-effective manner. The benefit of Netmail Search lies in its advanced search features and guided navigation. The tool’s advanced search features allow for word list usage, exact phrase matching, forbidden term searching, approximate spelling matching, and more! It is also possible for users to build their own customized search queries, meaning they are never limited to default search criteria. Guided navigation allows for results to be sorted for easy viewing and auditing, and commenting and tagging features let users note the importance or relevance of specific data.

Netmail Search employs a case management organizational system. Upon logging into Netmail Search, users are greeted with a Case Management Dashboard that lets them create, track, manage, and save multiple cases. Through this case management system, users can respond to any and all eDiscovery requests simultaneously and are spared the headache of sifting through all archived data each time an eDiscovery request is made.

With Netmail Search, advanced search options and guided navigation, plus the logic of case management, are delivered to users in an easy-to-use, intuitive web-based interface. eDiscovery has never been more intelligent.

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