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Documentation for Netmail Archive 5.4.
Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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The Migration Agent allows organizations who are migrating from a GroupWise email platform to an Exchange platform to migrate their data into the new email system. In conjunction with the Archive Agent and the GroupWise to Exchange Provisioning Utility, the Migration Agent allows for a seamless migration. The Migration Agent migrates actual data, such as email messages and calendar events, into the Exchange system. Before using the Migration Agent, it is necessary to populate Active Directory with user account information using the Provisioning Utility. It is also necessary to run the Address Book Sync function to update the Netmail Archive eDirectory user objects with information from Active Directory for the users that you will be migrating.

The Migration Agent can also be used for Exchange Recovery. This method can be used in disaster recovery scenarios to restore previously archived data to an Exchange system.

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Selecting Migration Job Criteria

After creating your Migration Job and specifying appropriate Job Settings as described in Job Creation and Distribution, you are ready to select advanced Migration Job criteria. To begin, click the name of the job you created earlier. By default, the Job Settings tab is displayed. The Job Settings tab allows you to configure basic settings for any of your jobs. The Job Settings tab is available on each Job Agent and is displayed by default when you click on the name of the Job you created.

Click the Criteria tab. The Criteria tab allows you to set the migration parameters for a migration from GroupWise or an Exchange recovery.

Configuring Migration Jobs

By default, the Criteria tab shows the options for configuring a GroupWise migration.

Migration from GroupWise

The Migration from GroupWise option allows you to migrate the data from your original email system’s archive location into Exchange. By selecting this option, you can configure your migration mode, source location and destination, and indexing preferences.

Important: Before using the Migration Agent, it is necessary to populate Active Directory with user account information using the Provisioning Utility. It is also necessary to run the Address Book Sync function to update the Netmail Archive eDirectory user objects with information from Active Directory.


Under Mode, select the type of migration you would like to perform from the following options:

  • Full Migration (with archive conversion): If you choose this option, the data from your original email system’s archive location will be migrated into the live Exchange system and into an Exchange archive location.
  • Full Migration (without archive conversion): If you choose this option, the data from your original email system’s archive location will be migrated into the live Exchange system but not into an Exchange archive location.
  • Archive Conversion Only: If you choose this option, the data from your original email system’s archive location will be migrated into the Exchange archive location but not into the live Exchange system. The account must have the maLdapAttributes set correctly in the Netmail configuration eDirectory object (user cache) in order for this job to identify which GroupWise archive belongs to the current EX account. Typically the Netmail Archive Provisioning Utility will do this, but if it was not run in your scenario then this attribute must be filled in manually before running the job.
  • Folder Sharing Migration Only: If you choose this option only the shared folders of the users will be migrated into the Exchange system (EDITOR NOTE: Needs checking for accuracy)

Item Type(s)

Use the drop-down list to choose the type of item you want to migrate. You can choose to migrate Messages and Contacts, Messages Only, or Contacts Only. In order to migrate contacts they must have been previously archived from GroupWise.

Source Location

Account Language

Use the drop-down list to choose the language setting for preferred language.

Archive Destination

Use the drop-down list to select the archive location where the Migration Job will store migrated data. Refer to Specifying Locations for more information on setting up storage locations.  A

  • Enable Real-Time Indexing: This option instructs the Migration Job to submit the data for indexing at the same time as it is archived. Enabling real-time indexing with the Migration Job can result in slower processing time. Archive data will not be available for viewing or searching by end users or auditors until it has been indexed. It is recommended that your Migration Job use real-time indexing, if possible.
  • Enable indexing of attachments' content: With the Enable Real-time Indexing option enabled, this option will include the indexing of contents of attachments as part of the Migration Job. Not indexing attachments may result in quicker job completion times and smaller index files, but your archived attachments will be unsearchable.

Destination Mailbox

Use the drop-down list to select whether you want to inject data into the live Exchange Primary Mailbox or into the Exchange Archive Mailbox.

Folder Sharing Migration

Select the Migration folder sharing option if you want to migrate only shared folders for the users selected.

Select Create empty folder if it does not exist in Exchange if you want to create specified empty folders in Exchange if they do not yet exist.

Exchange Recovery

Exchange recovery allows you to recover messages and other items archived in Exchange and inject them back into the live Exchange email system. To perform an Exchange recovery, you must select your migration mode and source location.

When you select the Exchange recovery option, a different set of criteria is displayed in the Criteria tab.

Migration Mode

Under Mode, Reload (without Archiving) is automatically selected and cannot be changed. The selected items located in your Exchange archive will be fully reloaded into the live Exchange email system. If an item selected by the policy assigned to the Migration Job already exists in the live system, it will not be duplicated.

Source Location

To reload your archived data back into the live email system, use the drop-down list to choose the Exchange archive storage location in which the data you want to reload is located. This location must already be configured as an archive storage location and must contain previously archived Exchange data. For more information on configuring a storage location, see Specifying Locations.

Note: Before performing an Exchange Recovery, ensure that there are existing Exchange accounts that have been activated. Otherwise, it will not be possible for items to be reloaded into them.

Item Type(s)

Use the drop-down list to choose the type of item you want to migrate. You can choose to migrate Messages and Contacts, Messages Only, or Contacts Only.

Destination Mailbox

Use the drop-down list to select whether you want to inject data into the live Exchange Primary Mailbox or into the Exchange Archive Mailbox.

Important: After specifying your options, click Save to save your settings. If you do not click Save, your settings will not be saved.

Enabling Attachment Stripping

Note: In order to enable this option, you will need to create a storage location for the attachments in Netmail Store (see  Specifying Locations).

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