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Documentation for Netmail Archive 5.4.
Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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Netmail Archive provides multiple Job Agents that allow you to create and configure jobs to help you manage the archiving, retention, and retrieval of electronic information within your organization. To view the available Netmail Archive Agents, choose the Archive > Clusters > <Cluster Name> > Agents object by using the arrow icon to expand the tree.

Netmail Archive Agents

The Archive Agent is the main component of Netmail Archive. With the Archive Agent, you can archive information from your mail system to an external data repository in XML format. In order to use the Export, ILM, or Index Agents, you must first use the Archive Agent to create the archived data in XML format. For more information on the Archive Agent, see Archive Agent Configuration and Management.

The Group Agent is used to schedule a series of jobs from other Agents to run consecutively. The Group Agent helps you make intelligent scheduling decisions by allowing you to configure consecutive jobs to run automatically, removing the need for administrator intervention. For more information on the Group Agent, see Group Agent Configuration and Management.

The ILM Agent is used to enforce an organization’s Information Lifecycle Management policies on its archived data. Through the ILM Agent, you can manage the deletion of archived data at the end of its retention lifetime, or move messages during their retention period to alternate locations such as more economical network attached storage (NAS) devices. For more information on the ILM Agent, see ILM Agent Configuration and Management.

The Index Agent is used to help manage the comprehensive index files that Netmail Archive maintains for the archived data. The Index Agent can be used to create indexes for your archived data if you did not choose to create real-time indexes with the archiving job, or to re-create indexes if the original indexes were corrupt or created incorrectly. For more information on the Index Agent, see Index Agent Configuration and Management.

The Migration Agent allows organizations who are migrating from a Novell GroupWise email platform to an Exchange platform to migrate their data into the new email system. In conjunction with the Archive Agent and the GroupWise to Exchange Provisioning Utility, the Migration Agent allows for a seamless migration. The Migration Agent migrates actual data, such as email messages and calendar events, into the Exchange system. For more information on the Migration Agent, see Migration Agent Configuration and Management.
The Storage Management Agent allows administrators to validate the integrity of users' archives and detect gaps in the archived data. The Storage Management Agent can be configured to create a report containing a list of all user accounts which have gaps in the archived data, and an all-inclusive Archive job can subsequently be run to capture all missing data for the user accounts in question. For more information on the Tracking Agent, see Storage Management Agent Configuration and Management.
The Attachment Management Agent is used to strip attachments from messages on the Exchange mail server to help reduce server bloat. Each stripped attachment is replaced by an HTTP link that points to a single copy of the attachment in Netmail Store, thereby re-introducing single-instance storage (SIS) in Exchange 2010/2013. The Attachment Management Agent also allows administrators to re-attach attachments to their respective messages in Exchange. You must first define an appropriate storage location in order to use the Attachment Management Agent. For more information on the Attachment Management Agent, see Attachment Management Agent Configuration and Management.

The Utility Agent is mostly used to perform maintenance on the live GroupWise message store. The Utility Agent can be used to automatically create folders within mailboxes to enforce a corporate-wide policy, to perform selective reduction of mail messages, or to apply the retention timestamp on GroupWise mailboxes. The Utility Agent is also used to carry out some Netmail Archive specific functions, namely purging the attachment Single Instance store of orphaned attachments and enabling you to convert legacy GWArchive archive data into Netmail Archive format. For more information on the Utility Agent, see Utility Agent Configuration and Management.

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