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Netmail 6.x


An important part of managing your Netmail product is being aware of your licensing.  Exceeding the limits imposed by the license can have unforeseen consequences.  This article will explain how to apply a new license, how to check what features are included in your license, and how to determine your license consumption.


Applying a License

After receiving a new license file, the first step is to apply it to your product.  You can do so in the Netmail administration console via the Updates tab.


A hyperlinked "Update License..." should appear, along with some information about the license currently installed.  Click the link to open the license selection dialogue box.


Press Choose File to browse for the new file you received.  The software will validate the integrity of the file and display a quick summary of the user count + expiry date contained.  If you agree, press Submit to put the new license into effect.



 v6.1.2: If your system can perform software updates via this tab (ie. it is permitted to contact then it's possible that as of v6.1.2 your system may have begun auto-licensing itself. It does this via the Update servers, by fetching & applying the latest license issued to your organization. Please contact Netmail Support if you have any questions regarding this functionality.



Netmail Secure

Licensing of Netmail Secure works per mailbox, as well as some flags to enable/disable features globally.  Features that are not enabled in the license will be indicated as such in the administration console.


Per-mailbox licenses are consumed when users in your domain(s) send or receive email.  The "users" will be cached in Netmail and a license will be deducted.  Users are cached for three days before they are checked as active in the mail system and their license is potentially released.  To see how many users are currently consuming licenses, navigate to the Updates tab in the administration console.


Netmail Secure: Exceeding your license

Exceeding the license count can occur when more users send through the system than it has licenses for. When this happens, the users that send after all the licenses are consumed will not have any policies applied. Messages will continued to be relayed and scanned by the anti-virus agent, however they will not be subject to any company policies thus becoming a liability for the organization. Moreover, when the next user from the cache expires, their license may be attributed to someone else and consequently the behaviour for the end-users may appear erratic. It is important to avoid entering this situation, so it is always recommended to purchase more licenses than you anticipate in order to maintain a buffer as consumption ebbs & flows.

A manual cleanup of unneeded users in Netmail Secure will not be reflected in the license count until the Quarantine maintenance has run. This can be triggered by manually sending a quarantine report to a user.


Netmail Archive

Licensing in Netmail Archive is done per user, per agent.  To find out the the number of licenses available to each agent expand the Archiving -> Agents container of tree in the administration console.  Select the agent itself to display the current licensing available to it.  Agents operating solely on the archives (eg. ILM, Index, and Export) are usually unrestricted by the license and thus will show "unlimited".


Licenses are consumed per unique user loaded in the jobs of each agent.  For example, if user Sue Adams appears in more than one Utility job, still only a singe Utility license is consumed for this user.


Netmail Archive: Exceeding your license

Exceeding the license count for an agent occurs most frequently when the jobs are populated with distribution lists. Since membership can change dynamically in the mail system, the lists may inadvertently grow beyond what the agent is licensed for. An agent whose license is exceeded will not run any jobs. It is important to monitor your email / job reports to ensure that scheduled jobs are running and that they have not ceased due to a licensing condition.


An expired license behaves the same as an exceeded license.  As the expiry date approaches, the system will begin to email the administrator with daily reminders of the approaching date.  Please contact Netmail & install a new license prior to this deadline.  In some cases the product may allow a grace period after expiry and continue to operate for a little while longer, however this is not guaranteed.

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