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Netmail Archive 5.2.x


The Netmail Archive folder and/or button in the Outlook client are visible, but clicking on them results in an error page similar to:

  • "Navigation was cancelled"
  • "Problem with website's security certificate" ('Click here to continue’ link does not lead anywhere)

The button is actually a link to the folder, which is, in turn, a link to the Netmail Search portal.  Since the button is visible, this means that the Add-in was successfully loaded and that is not the issue. These errors imply an SSL-related problem so the next step is to check the Outlook Add-In configuration file (config.xml) on the CAS server(s) for any settings that may be causing the issue.


To verify that this is the source of the problem, go to each CAS server (if there is more than one) and on each server, open the config.xml file for editing. This file is located in <drive letter>\IISExt\WebContent.

In the Remote Provider section of the file, check the following parameters:


  • Verify that the port number is set to 8888
  • Verify that the sslEnabled parameter is set to false








If these parameters are not set correctly, access to archives through the Archive button will not work. Make the changes and save the file. No service restarts are necessary on the server, but the Outlook client will need to be closed and re-launched for the Add-in to refresh its configuration.


This is a known issue with Netmail Archive 5.2 SP2 installer.

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