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Netmail Secure (any version) with the PuTTY SSH client.


When using a graphical interface such as YaST inside the PuTTY SSH client, characters do not display properly and it can be difficult to read.

This can be resolved by changing the character set using the PuTTY configuration menu. This article will explain how to do this.


When using the PuTTY SSH client to manage linux-based installations such as Netmail Secure, some applications such as YaST provide a GUI to make management easier.

However, menu display problems may arise because not all character sets available in the PuTTY client are rendered properly with GUI-based applications.

For example, in applications such as YaST, menus may be difficult to read and table borders may be distorted because junk characters are displayed making it difficult to navigate:


To resolve the display issue, open the PuTTY client and from the Session menu, load the session of interest.

Navigate to Window > Translation, and in the Character set translation section, select Latin-1, West Europe as the Remote character set from the pull-down menu (the default character set is UTF-8):


Go back to the Session container and make sure to save the session. If the session is not saved, the character set will default back to UTF-8.

The next time applications with GUI components such as YaST are used, they should display properly:



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