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Netmail Services


In the new consolidated Netmail Services web administration version 6.x, updating a license, obtaining license information details, is a very straightforward process. This article will explain the procedure.


To update the license or view the licensing information (Maximum and Enabled users), login to the Netmail Web Administration portal and navigate to the Updates tab (shown below).


From the Updates tab, it is possible to view licensing information, update a license, or update the Netmail software code to a newer version:


Viewing Licensing Information

Browse through the web interface to review the license information as well as the licensed features and agents.

As indicated in the screenshot displayed above, the Updates tab displays up-to-date information for the following license parameters:

  • Maximum number of users.
  • Number of enabled users.
  • Days remaining before a license expires.
  • Expiry date of a license.


Licensed Agents

Depending on the license, there will be functionalities available to the system administrator. 

One easy way to find out is to browse down through the different agents on the left pane of the Web Interface and click on each agent.



Licensed vs not Licensed Features

There are agents/features that may be disabled by automatically by the license installed.


Updating a License

After receipt of a new Netmail license, the Update License feature of the Netmail Services allows license information to be updated manually by clicking the Update License hyperlink onscreen (refer to the first screenshot shown above). The license count is updated.

To update a license, click Update License. The system will generate a prompt to browse to the location of the license file. After the licensed is validated, click Submit to apply it.


Expired Licenses

In case of applying a license to a system that is past its expiration date or it is over license, follow the same procedure described above to apply the new license.

Additionally, for the Netmail Secure Email Gateway, a Netmail Quarantine Report should be executed to reconcile the user license count and/or re-enable agents (disabled when license expired).

For additional information on how to execute a Quarantine Report, please follow the link How to Manually kick off a Netmail Quarantine Report


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