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Netmail Archive 6.1+

Exchange 2010+


By default Case Managers are able to see the content within the Recoverable Items folder but that is not the case for end users. As of version 6.1 this is an optional behavior, enabled and configured as per below.


To enable the RIF visibility for end-users in Netmail Search:

  1. Navigate to the configuration file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Messaging Architects\RemoteProvider\xgwxmlv.cfg
  2. Search for the following option (if not present, manually add it to the file):
  3. Restart Netmail Search ("Netmail Client Access" service)
  4. The next time a user with items under the RIF logs into Netmail Search, there should be a new Recoverable Items folder.



Make sure the change is done on all Netmail Search servers if more than one is present in the archive cluster.