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Netmail Archive with GroupWise 7.x and higher


On workstations that are part of an Exchange environment, direct access to Netmail Search with pass-through authentication  is possible from within the Outlook client if the Outlook Add-in is installed, as outlined here.  However, a similar plug-in is not available for the GroupWise client that provides direct access to Netmail Search. The configuration described below will allow direct access to Netmail Search from within the GroupWise mail client, the user will need to authenticate the first time before archive access is granted.


To configure GroupWise mail clients with direct access to Netmail Search from within a client itself, log in to GroupWise and do the following:

1)   Create a new Mailbox folder (this will be the Search folder that will be shared with others, so name it accordingly) and access the folder properties > Display tab:



2)   From the ‘View bypull down menu, select ‘ panels’ and click the ‘customize panels’ button located under it. From the 'Modify Panels' area of the pop up window, click the 'New Panel' button:



3)   Select a name for the new panel and click the ‘Selected Web page’ radio button. Enter the full URL and port corresponding to Netmail Search appending "/index.html?gwia" after the port number (e.g., >  Click OK.


4)   Highlight the panel that was created and click the ‘Add’ button > in the ‘Choose Layout’ area, click the ‘One Column’ radio button > Click OK.



5)   Click OK when prompted to save the display settings.

6)   In the GroupWise client, click the Mailbox folder that was created in Step 1. Access the folder properties > Sharing tab, and select the ‘Shared with’ radio button> Click the address selector icon to open the Novell GroupWise Address Book > Double click the users or groups to whom direct access to Netmail Search from within their GroupWise clients will be granted  > Click OK:



7)   A popup window will let you know which users or groups will receive a notification that the Search folder is now shared with them. When these users click on the newly created Search Folder in their GroupWise client, the Netmail Search Log in Screen will appear and they can log in with their usual credentials to gain access to Netmail Search.


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1 Comment

  1. Reminder: When creating the shared folder make sure they are sharing with READ only. By default it does ADD as well and then users will be able to drag and drop into that folder.