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Netmail Store Nodes are not visible in the CSN Management Node (URL Links dont' exist to the nodes).   Nodes are not booting and not obtaining DHCP Addresses.   Archive Jobs fail to write data to the repository.


SSH Into the Primary CSN Node

  1. Type IFCONFIG to get a list of your interfaces and IP Addresses
  2. Type TCPDUMP -nne -i BOND0 Port 87 (Where BOND0 is the network interface bound to the network where the Store nodes are located)
  3. Boot the Store Server
  4. Loot at the console to see if you any communications are logged from the server. It should detect broadcast traffic from the server when its searching for a DHCP address.

If you see no data appearing on the screen of the CSN during the boot process of the server, you most likely have a network connectivity issue between your physical Store Servers and the CSN Nodes.

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  1. the logs can be found at /var/logs in messages if you need to read the logs