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Netmail Archive 5.x with GroupWise versions earlier than 2014


In GroupWise Environments (version 2012 and lower) that implement the SOAP API, shared address books can be archived, but group membership information is not captured since the membership list cannot be expanded by anyone granted access to the shared address book by its owner.  It is, however, possible for anyone with permission to access the shared address book to send messages to all members of a group, even though the group membership itself is not retrieved after the address book is archived. This issue is related to limitations inherent to the SOAP API in GroupWise 2012 (or lower), since expansion of group membership is possible if Object API (OAPI) is used instead of SOAP. This issue does not occur with GroupWise 2014, since both SOAP and OAPI will successfully expand the membership list in shared address books after archiving.

This article will explain how to configure Netmail Archive to use OAPI instead of SOAP if not using GroupWise 2014.



To modify the API used by Netmail Archive, log in to the Netmail WebAdministration console and navigate to Archive > Cluster > Configuration tab.

In the About section, locate the Messaging Server Type option, and from the pull-down menu, select GroupWise – Object API (refer to the screenshot below):




In Netmail Archive 5.3, a pop-up warning will be generated indicating that any user lists configured in all archive and utility jobs will be removed upon the next Address Book Sync job, as will any proxy access rights:


Click okay after reading the warning, and click the Save button at the bottom of the page to activate the change.

Expansion of membership lists in shared address books will be possible once OAPI is configured as the Messaging Server Type.


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