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  • Guidelines for Managing Tenants
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When you create domains for your tenants, use the following guidelines:

  • Set up a default cluster domain (a domain name that exactly matches the name of the cluster).
  • Every object that has no domain explicitly defined for it belongs to the default cluster domain.
  • Create at least one domain for named objects.
  • Ensure that all domain names are unique among all tenants and all clusters you manage.
  • If you use an SCSP operation to create a domain with the same name in multiple storage clusters, it creates different domains that share the same name. This leads to name collision and incorrect results if the different domains are replicated into the same cluster. When you

    create a new domain, create the domain name once and only use Netmail Store remote replication to copy it into separate clusters.

  • Ensure that all domain names are IANA compliant (for example,
    If you currently have a cluster name that is not IANA-compliant, create an IANA-compliant domain name and then create of all your named objects in buckets in that domain.



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