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This guide provides an overview of the Netmail Store infrastructure and describes how to:

  • Set up the Netmail Store network
  • Select system and storage hardware
  • Understanding a Netmail Store license
  • Configure associated network devices
  • Use the System Menu

About Netmail Store

Netmail Store is a high-performance and scalable object storage infrastructure product designed to store and manage large repositories of unstructured files (such as text documents and image files) as data objects in a TCP/IP network. Using x86 nodes in a clustered environment that operate as a single entity, Netmail Store creates replicas of your data objects and distributes these objects within the cluster to create a highly available and self-managing pool of storage.

Each object provides multiple metadata options that allow you to locate, correlate, and manage similar objects within the cluster. Each object is configured with either a universal unique identifier (UUID) or a name of your choice that provides direct access to the object from a client system using a subset of hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) methods. The Netmail Store infrastructure includes the following components:

  • Three or more x86 nodes configured as cluster nodes with one or more physical volumes running the Netmail Store software
  • Client applications that access the cluster using HTTP methods
  • TCP/IP network connecting the cluster nodes to each other and the clients
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