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Searching for Nodes By IP Address

For large clusters with multiple nodes, you can search for a node using the Node IP search field in the Admin Console. To locate the targeted node, enter the node IP address in the field and click Search.

Searching for Nodes by Status

To display nodes or volumes with a specific status, select a Status from the drop-down menu.

Note: The overall cluster status is a rollup of the statuses from cluster nodes.

Statuses include:

  • Ok: Indicates the node is working and there are no errors.
  • Alert, Warning: Indicates the node or volume has experienced one or more errors. Click the IP Address link to drill down to the node and view the related error.
  • Initializing: Indicates the short state after a node boots when it is reading cluster persisted settings and is not quite ready to accept requests.
  • Maintenance: Indicates the node has been shut down or rebooted by an administrator from either SNMP or the Admin Console and should not be considered missing for recovery purposes. By default a node can be in a Maintenance state for 3 hours before it transitions to Offline and the cluster starts recovery of its content. Maintenance mode is not initialized when the power is manually cycled on the node outside of Netmail Store (either physically on the hardware or via a remote shutdown mechanism like iDRAC) or if there is a disk error; in both these instances recovery processes will be started for the node unless recovery is suspended.
  • Mounting: Indicates the node is mounting one or more volumes, including formatting the disk if it is new and reading all objects on the volume into the RAM index for faster access.
  • Offline: Indicates the node or volume was previously but is no longer present in the cluster.
  • Retiring: Indicates the node or volume is in the process of retiring, making sure all its objects are fully protected elsewhere in the cluster and then trimming them locally.
  • Retired: Indicates the node or volume has completed the retiring process and may be removed from the cluster.
  • Idle: Indicates nodes or volumes in power-saving mode due during a period of configurable inactivity. (See Configuring Power Management Settings.)

Only matching results will appear on the console when you select a value in the drop-down menu. When you are finished looking at the searched node(s), select View All to redisplay all nodes in the cluster.

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