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Welcome to the Netmail Deployment Center.             



In order to deploy the Netmail Platform, you first need to look at the system requirements and the pre-deployment tasks. After which, you can proceed to the deployments steps.

Finally, there are post-deployment tasks which are required once you are ready to launch the Netmail platform.

Table of Contents:


Pre-Deployment Tasks

Deployment Steps

Deployment Step 1: Deploying the Virtual Machine

Deployment Step 2: Bootstrapping

Deployment Step 3: Netmail Configuration Wizard  for Exchange or GroupWise (Deployment).

Post Deployment Tasks

Quick Start Guide



Netmail Platform VM Deployment Requirements

Before proceeding to the deployment steps, you should verify the deployment requirements. This section provides the requirements information you need before deploying the Netmail Platform. Once you review the requirements for the respective, you can proceed to the Deployment Steps.

Pre-Deployment Tasks

Before moving on to the final deployment step, there are pre-deployment tasks that need to be reviewed:


Deployment Steps

Deployment Step 1: Deploying the Virtual Machine

Before you can begin the Netmail bootstrapping sequence and run the configuration wizard, you will need to import the virtual machine file into a virtual platform.

From the list below, select the appropriate virtual platform for hosting/deploying your virtual machine:

Deployment Step 2: Bootstrapping

Once you have deployed the virtual machine, the bootstrapping process is where you will provision the virtual machine.

The bootstrapping process is dependent upon which Netmail product you are installing.

This step may not be required for the Public cloud infrastructure.

Select the appropriate bootstrapping process from the choices below:

Deployment Step 3: Netmail Configuration Wizard for Exchange or GroupWise (Deployment)

Once the bootstrapping sequence has been completed and the pre-deployment tasks have been reviewed, the Netmail Configuration Wizard can be launched. 

Select the appropriate configuration wizard from the choices below:

Archive and Index Configuration:

Secure Configuration:


Post-Deployment Tasks

Once the deployment is finished, there are post-deployment tasks that need to be completed before creating, applying, and deploying archive policies:


Quick Start Guide 

Congratulations! You should now have a functional Netmail Archive system!

If you’re already familiar with Netmail Archive, you can now proceed directly to the Documentation section and look for the Administration and End-User Guides for information on how to make the most of your new deployment.

New to Netmail Archive?  We invite you to try the Quick Start Guide in order to familiarize yourself with the basics.