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To run the Network Configuration Wizard for Netmail Index, follow the steps below. 


How you connect will depend upon your current setup. Netmail suggests you use remote desktop and use the following login credentials:

Username: Netmail

Password: M3ss4g1ng

Once connected, you’ll see the remote desktop.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and navigate to https://localhost/setup

This will open the Configuration Wizard for Netmail Index. There are several steps to follow in order to complete the setup of the Netmail Index server. The majority will use default settings.

1:  In the drop down, select the Netmail Index option. Then click Start Setup.


2: Netmail Node Role Selection


One dropdown menu appears:

  • from the dropdown, select Deploy an Index master node for use by Archive.

  • Click Next

3: Platform Administrator

You will be required to setup new login credentials for a selected platform administrator.

  • Verify the password before proceeding

Note: the password for the netmail user must be the same across the platform. If you have already deployed an Archive machine, use the same password here.

  • Once the credentials have been entered and the password verified, click Next.

6: Configuration


  • From the configuration page, select the Index storage unit where you want to store the indexes. Click Proceed

    Note: do not save indexes to the C: drive.

Final Step: Configuration Completed

After proceeding, the bar will indicate the progress of the installation.



The Network Configuration Wizard for Netmail Index is now complete. Return to the Table of Contents.


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