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Version 5.2

CleanIt is a program that uninstalls GroupWise from user workstations by deleting all known GroupWise files, shortcuts, associations, and registry entries (*). It is intended to be used by system administrators who want to remove GroupWise from users' computers before upgrading to a newer version of GroupWise or replacing it with another email platform.

Admin Mode

If you run the CleanIt executable file directly (without command line options), the program will start in Admin mode. In this mode, the administrator sets the options to be applied when GroupWise is removed from users' computers. There are five options that can be selected:

  • Clean registry for all users: This option instructs CleanIt to scan the registry hive for all local users on the computer, regardless of which account CleanIt is launched from. However, this is only possible if the executing account has sufficient rights to manipulate the registry. If this option is not selected, user-specific login settings and other GroupWise preferences will be preserved. This does not mean that those users with more rights will still be able to run GroupWise, because the program files will most likely be removed and other settings will be deleted. However, if GroupWise is re-installed, then their login settings and other preferences will be restored.
  • Keep LDAP SDK: This option keeps the LDAP program files on the machine. This allows other programs that may be using the files (e.g., Novell client) to remain functional.
  • Network Install: This option prevents CleanIt from removing GroupWise's program files, if they are installed on the network and shared with other users.
  • Force removal of Excel 2003/2007 integration: In some cases, even after GroupWise has been removed, Excel will try to load the GW integration script, which creates issues with saving and closing files. In such a case, you can use this option to reset Excel's customizations. Note that this will reset the toolbar and menus in Excel to their default state.
  • Interactive mode: Selecting this option will prompt the user (when the program is run on the users' workstations) to indicate whether or not they want to continue with the removal of GroupWise. If the user answers 'Yes', the cleanup will begin. At the end of the cleanup, the user will be notified that GroupWise has been removed and will be prompted to restart the workstation. If the user answers 'No', the program will terminate.

Once you have selected your options, click Start to begin the removal of GroupWise from the computer.

Note: It is best to test the program before distributing it to users, preferably by running it in a test environment or on a VM.

Other Options

Generate Batch File: This option generates a batch file with the selected options. This file (after editing it to ensure the proper path is used) may be distributed to users via a login script or other means. The batch file includes a mapped path to the program (if on a network drive) and a remarked UNC path.

Show Log: This button will appear after you have run the program in Admin mode (with UI). You can click it to see what changes CleanIt made to the workstation.

Command Line options: These options appear in the batch file. If you prefer to use another method of starting the program on users' workstations, use the following options:

  • s – Silent mode (User mode – see below. This option is mandatory if nothing else is checked. It can be omitted if at least one of the other options is used.)
  • a – Clean Registry for all users
  • l – Keep LDAP SDK
  • n – Network install
  • e – Force the removal of Excel 2003/2007 integration
  • i – Interactive mode
Example command line:
CleanIt.exe -anei

The above command line cleans the registry for all users, keeps GroupWise files, forces the removal of Excel integration, and runs the program in Interactive mode.

Logging: This option instructs CleanIt to save the log file for each run on the Logs sub-folder in its location. Log files have the following naming format: Domain-User@Computer.log.

User mode

If you run CleanIt with at least one command line option (if nothing else is chosen, then the 's' option is mandatory), the program will start in User mode. In this mode, the user interface is not visible, and the removal process is automatic. If the 'i' option is selected, then the user is prompted to indicate whether or not they want to remove GroupWise. If the user chooses to remove GroupWise, a popup message will notify them when the process is complete.

Known issues

  • Some registry entries cannot be deleted, but they will be properly replaced when you install or activate another email client.
  • Windows Firewall settings related to GroupWise will not be changed.

Important: If cached or remote mailboxes are placed under GroupWise's program folder, they will be deleted. Make sure they have been migrated or backed up before you run the tool.

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