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This documentation is for Netmail 5.4. Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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Netmail Store Emulator is available for those organizations which already have an extensive storage system in place. It can be used to implement Netmail Detach.

1. In the Netmail Administration Console, navigate to the Store > Filesystem Emulated Volumes tab.

2. Click Create to create a new volume.

3. Enter a Name for the volume and the Path where the volume will be created in the file system, and then click Create.

Note: The protocol and the port number can be modified.

4. Navigate to the Archive > Cluster > Storage tab to add the new volume you just created.

5. Under Storage Devices, click Add.

6. In the Choose storage device type dialog box, select Netmail Store as your device type, and then click Next.

7. In the Storage Device dialog box, enter the Name (must match the volume name), the Host Name (or IP) of the machine on which the volume was created, and the Port number of the device, and click Save.

8. Back on the Storage tab, under Storage Location, click Add.

9. In the Choose location type dialog box, select Attachment Strip as the data format, and then click Next.

10. In the Object Details dialog box, enter a Name for the location.

11. For both Archive data store and Attachment data store, select the storage location that you just created (in steps 5 to 7)

12. Enter the Audit Path location, and then click Save.

Once you have created your Netmail Store Emulator volume, you can go ahead and configure Attachment Management policies and jobs using the configured volume. After you run the Attachment Management jobs, log in to your email client to verify that attachments have indeed been stripped. Attachments are stripped and accessible over HTTP(S).

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