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This documentation is for Netmail 5.4. Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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Introducing Netmail Encrypt

Netmail Encrypt is an easy-to-use email encryption solution that ensures secure delivery of incoming and outgoing email. Encryption policies can be managed and enforced at an enterprise level through Netmail Secure from the Netmail Administration Console. All users in the Netmail Encrypt system, across multiple organizations, can thus send and receive email in a secure manner while the key exchange and encryption/decryption process in transparently handled by Netmail Encrypt.

Netmail Encrypt is available as a virtual appliance and is installed in the network near Netmail Secure. When email comes into your organization from the outside world, messages are first scanned by Netmail Secure. Encrypted messages are then decrypted by Netmail Encrypt and re-scanned by Netmail Secure prior to being delivered to recipients. When email leaves your organization, messages are first scanned by Netmail Secure prior to be encrypted by Netmail Encrypt and released to the Internet. Netmail Encrypt requires very little work to both install and configure, and can be installed without having a single change to the user’s desktop computer. No software is needed, no settings are altered, and no email addresses are changed. This Quick Start Guide is intended to help you get up and running using Encrypt in your email environment in no time.

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