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Netmail Archive uses Novell eDirectory as its configuration store. The use of a directory-based store allows all Netmail Archive servers to access the configuration information and aids cluster capabilities. Netmail Archive servers access the configuration information stored in eDirectory by means of LDAP access. As such, during installation you were asked to specify LDAP server settings and LDAP user credentials to be used by Netmail Archive when establishing LDAP connections to eDirectory. Netmail Archive also allows you to modify these settings, should the need arise (e.g., the configured LDAP server fails and you need to use another).

Configuring LDAP Settings

To view and modify the configuration settings of your LDAP server, click the Clusters object in the tree. The Configuration tab is displayed. The fields in the Configuration tab are populated from data entered during the installation of Netmail Archive. If necessary, you can change your LDAP server settings by entering new information in the desired fields.

Understanding your LDAP Server settings:

1. The Directory Service IP displays the IP Address of the eDirectory LDAP Server that you want Netmail Archive to use.

2. The Directory Service Port displays the LDAP port number being used by the specified LDAP server. Note that this setting should correspond to the non-SSL or SSL port number in use, depending on the setting of the SSL checkbox.

3. The SSL checkbox indicates whether Netmail Archive should use SSL secured LDAP or not when connecting to the specified server. Selecting this option will enable SSL, creating a secure connection between Netmail Archive and the eDirectory tree. If the option is not selected, SSL is disabled. Please ensure that your LDAP server is configured for SSL connectivity before selecting this option.

4. The Container DN displays the name of the eDirectory container where you installed the Netmail Archive objects during the installation of Netmail Archive. The container is specified using LDAP context notation: ou=container,ou=org (e.g., ou=archive,ou=system,o=acme).

5. The LDAP user specifies the eDirectory account name that will be used for the LDAP connections. This user must have full rights to the eDirectory container holding the Netmail Archive configuration objects. Typically, this is a dedicated eDirectory user that you created during installation. Specify the user account using the following syntax: cn=userid,ou=usercontainer,o=org (e.g., cn=nmarchive,ou=archive,ou=system,o=acme).

6. If a change is being made to the user account being used, the password for the specified user account should be entered in the Current Password field. If you subsequently need to change the password while keeping the same user, the password can be changed by selecting the Change password option and entering a new password in the applicable fields.

7. Select Save & Restart to save your changes and restart the Netmail Archive services.

Important: Changes made to the LDAP settings requires a restart of the Netmail Archive core services. As such, this should be done only if no Netmail Archive jobs are currently running.

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