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It is through the creation and execution of jobs that Netmail Archive allows you to implement your organizational policies with regards to archiving, retention, and deletion of email data. Jobs exist within an agent to execute the function of that agent according to a specific schedule and against a specified set of accounts. In addition to specifying the schedule and account list, a job also has other settings specific to the job type. For example, for an Archive Agent Job, it is necessary to specify the location to which the archive data is to be written. This chapter explains how to create a Netmail Archive Job and to set the job’s basic properties (i.e., those job settings common to all job types). To specify advanced job criteria (i.e., those settings specific to a job type), see “Netmail Archive Agents”.

Job Creation and Distribution
Job CreationCreate a new job
Job SettingsChoose a policy (or inherit an Archive job)
Schedule the job
Select users
Job distributionConfigure nodes
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