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Stubbing is a feature that replaces email messages, message attachments, calendar items, tasks, and notes that are stored in the live email system with a ‘‘stub’’ that points to the copy of the item that is stored in Netmail Archive. This feature allows administrators to reduce mailbox sizes by replacing storage-intensive content with much smaller stubs. Items that have been stubbed remain accessible to end users directly from the email client and can be retrieved from the archive at any time for viewing or forwarding purposes. Stubbing reduces the size of message databases without impacting end-user operations.

In an Exchange environment, the Netmail Archive Outlook Add-In and the Netmail Archive ISAPI extensions for OWA communicate with the Remote Provider Server to resolve stubs. The Outlook Add-In must be installed on each end-user workstation in order for stubbing to function in an Exchange environment using Outlook. For more information on installing the Outlook Add-In, refer to the Netmail Archive Installation Guide.

How Stubbing functions in an Exchange environment:

1. The administrator performs an Archive Job and chooses the Enable Stubbing option. For detailed instructions on performing an Archive Job, see “Archive Agent Configuration and Management”.

2. During the Archive Job, the Index Server assigns a URL to the stubbed item and indexes it.

3. The stubbed item is stored in the archive store.

4. When an end user clicks on the stubbed item in the live email system, the Outlook Add-In or the OWA ISAPI extension establishes communication with the Remote Provider Server.

5. The Remote Provider Server queries the Index Server to receive the URL of the stubbed item.

6. After hearing back from the Index Server, the Remote Provider Server uses the URL to retrieve the stubbed item from the archive store.

7. The Remote Provider sends the stubbed item to the Outlook Add-In or OWA ISAPI extension to populate it into the end user’s client interface. The end user is now able to view the entire content of the stubbed item.

Stubbing Error Messages

An error in retrieving a stubbed item can occur if a component of the resolution process cannot establish communication with the other components.

Stubbing Error in an Exchange Environment: If Netmail Archive cannot resolve a stubbed item in an Exchange environment, the first 256 characters of the stubbed item will appear when the end user clicks on the item, along with an error message. This is because in an Exchange environment, Netmail Archive keeps metadata and the first 256 characters of a stubbed item in the live email system.

Stubbing and Outlook Web Access

Exchange supports viewing stubs in Outlook Web Access and Outlook Web App via the Netmail Archive OWA ISAPI extensions. Simply click on the stubbed message, and it will resolve itself.

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