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In an Exchange environment, the Mail Stores tab displays information about your Exchange CAS servers, such as IP address, port, and user names and passwords.

This page will list Mailbox servers found by SyncAB in your Exchange organization.  Servers will be only added, never removed.  To clean up old entries you must delete their objects in eDirectory via an LDAP browser.

The EX Path is the CAS used by Netmail Archive to access accounts on the selected Mailbox server.  Normally all accounts are accessible via any CAS, but certain situations may call for this level of customization.

Upon creation of each mail store, they will inherit their configuration from SyncAB (eg. user, pwd, path etc...).  This implies that whichever CAS is specified in the SyncAB settings will be servicing all Netmail Archive threads.  In cases where the environment has dedicated CAS for archiving, then specify that CAS in SyncAB.  In cases where Netmail Archive is expected to share a CAS array with regular users, specify the URL of that array in SyncAB.

Should the URL of the CAS/array change, the corresponding modification must be made in both the SyncAB and Mail Stores tabs.

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