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Documentation for Netmail Archive 5.4.
Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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The proxy access feature was designed to allow users in an organization to have proxy-like access to the email archives of other users. Rather than keeping Exchange mailboxes of former employees active and paying unnecessary license fees, administrators can simply archive the account data and make it accessible through Netmail Search.

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Assigning Proxy Access Rights to Users' Archives

Proxy access rights to archives are assigned on the Proxies Admin tab in the Netmail Administration Console. Once rights have been assigned, users can log in to Netmail Search and can choose to access their own archived account or other archived accounts to which they have been granted rights.

Here's how to assign proxy access rights to users:

1. Click the Archive object in the Netmail Administration Console, and then select the Proxies Admin tab.

2. Use the search box to search for the user account to which you want to grant proxy rights, and click Find. The user accounts are listed in the left-hand pane.

Note: When you click Find, both live and archived user accounts (those that are no longer in the live system) will be listed. You can give live accounts proxy access rights to other live accounts or to archived accounts, but you cannot give proxy access rights to archived accounts (since they're no longer live).

Accounts with only one "@" symbol are archived accounts which are not present in the live system. These accounts cannot be granted proxy rights to other accounts.

Accounts with two or more "@" symbols are live accounts. These accounts can be granted proxy access to other accounts.

3. Highlight the user account you want to give proxy access to, and click Select. The account appears in the User field. In the sample screenshot above, "achowe" is the user account to which proxy access will be given.

4. Now search for and highlight the user account(s) you want the selected user to have access to, and then click Add. In the example above, "achowe" has been given proxy access to the archives of "amys."

5. When you are done selecting user accounts, click Save.

Modifying Proxy Access Rights

The Proxies Admin tab also allows administrators to modify previously assigned proxy access rights. Here's how to add or remove proxy access rights from a user account:

1. Click Get List to obtain a list of user accounts that already have proxy access rights assigned to them. The user accounts are listed in the left-hand pane.

2. Highlight the user account you want to modify, and click Select. The selected user account appears in the User field, and the list of accounts to which it has proxy access appears in the right-hand pane.

3. You can now add accounts to the proxy access list (as described in the above section), or you can remove existing accounts by highlighting them in the right-hand pane and clicking Remove.

4. Click Save when you are done.

Automatically Revoking Proxy Access Rights

In some cases, you may want to limit the amount of time a user can proxy into another user's archives. To do so, use the Auto-revoke access in x days option to specify the number of days for which a user can have proxy access to another user's archives. Once that number of days is reached, the user's proxy access rights will be automatically revoked. If this option is not selected, the selected user will effectively have proxy access indefinitely.

If you select the auto-revoke option for a user, you can also select the Remove from list after access has been revoked option. If you do so, the user whose archives could be accessed will be removed from the proxy access list. For example, if Mary has proxy access to John's archives, and the auto-revoke time frame expires, then John will no longer appear in Mary's list of accounts that she can proxy into. If you do not choose this option, then John will still appear in Mary's list, but proxy access will be disabled.

What Users See in Netmail Search

When a user who has been granted proxy access to another user's archives logs in to Netmail Search, they will automatically see the other user's archives, in addition to their own archives. They can filter, search, forward, print, etc. the other user's archives in the same way they would their own archives.


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