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Documentation for Netmail Archive 5.4.
Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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In general, archiving policies are configured properly, and jobs are scheduled to run so that no gaps are created in the data capture. However, it is possible for the system to be inadvertently configured to create gaps in the archives. This can be caused if a date range policy has a start date that is later than the latest archiving date, or it can be due to the running of purging or deletion jobs. With the Storage Management Agent, administrators can now validate the integrity of users' archives and detect gaps in the archived data. The Storage Management Agent can be configured to create a report containing a list of all user accounts which have gaps in the archived data. An all-inclusive Archive job can subsequently be run to capture all missing data for the user accounts in question, as well as validate the integrity of the archived data.

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Selecting Job Criteria

After creating your Storage Management Job and specifying appropriate Job Settings as described in Job Creation and Distribution, you are ready to select advanced Storage Management Job criteria. To begin, click the name of the job you created earlier. By default, the Job Settings tab is displayed. The Job Settings tab allows you to configure basic settings for any of your jobs. Click the Criteria tab. The Criteria tab allows you to verify the whether the items in the source location match the XML files in the archive location.

Integrity Check

The Integrity Check option verifies the integrity of users' archived items if the items in the source location match the XML files in the archive location. The Integrity Check option can, for example, check if any data in the archive has been corrupted during the archiving process.

Date range

Select the date range for which you want to verify the integrity of archived data. The dates specified refer to when the messages were created.


From the dropdown, select the storage location in which the archived data you want to check is stored.

Validate integral references

Select this option if you want to verify that each message has a corresponding audit file and that all references are valid (attachments, parent messages, etc.)

If you select this option you may also select one or both of the following options:

  • CRC Check: This option runs a cyclic redundancy check to verify that the data in Netmail Archive is intact and valid.

Note: The CRC check is not run on audit files.

  • Repair Audits: This option detects and recovers missing audit files.

Note: This option does not detect and re-create missing audits. Audit files that have been lost, corrupted or not been indexed cannot be repaired.

Validate if messages are indexed

Select this option if you want to validate that messages have indeed been indexed, including their corresponding audit files and attachments. If you select this option, you can also choose to Re-index missing messages.

Report gaps in the archives for intervals larger than x days

Select this option if you want Netmail to check for any gaps in the archived data. This option will report whether any messages have not been archived for a contiguous period longer than the specified number of days.

Specify the number of days that would indicate a gap in the archives. Gaps are reported regardless of whether the gaps contain any message(s) that have not been archived.

Orphaned Attachment Purge for SIS

When a message expires in Netmail Archive, it is deleted from the archive. However, any attachments belonging to that expired message are not deleted with it. This is because there may be other messages with longer retention periods that still need access to those attachments. Once all messages with links to those attachments reach their expiration date can the attachments be deleted from the storage system. Attachments left behind by their expired messages are referred to as orphaned attachments. The Orphaned Attachment Purge for SIS option allows you to run a job that checks for orphaned attachments and removes them from the storage system.


From the dropdown, specify the location in which the attachments are stored.

Batch size

Specify the maximum number of items that can be processed in a single batch.


Specify the maximum number of concurrent threads that can run during this process.

Warning: This job requires index records in order for Netmail be able to select what to keep and what to delete. Running this job on a repository containing data that has not been indexed may cause the deletion of a large number of attachments, as Netmail will behave as though no messages are pointing to those attachments. Please make sure you have selected a repository of indexed data.

Archive Storage Report

The Archive Storage Report option generates a report on the status of your archive storage.


Use the dropdown box to choose the archive storage location containing the accounts that were archived.

Block size

To ensure an accurate storage report, use the dropdown to select the block size corresponding to that of your storage location (1, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 KB).

Date range

Select the date range for which you want to create a storage report for your archives. The dates specified refer to when the messages were created.

Calculate Single Instance Storage benefits

Select this option if you want Netmail to calculate the benefit your organization is experiencing with single instance storage.

Running the Report

After you are finished setting up the job in the Criteria tab, you can select what users you want in Job Settings. Then click Run Now.

Once the job is done, click the Reports tab.




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