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Documentation for Netmail Archive 5.4.
Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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The Discovery Agent lets you create jobs to regularly analyze the state of the GroupWise message store to produce statistical reports on the contents. These can then be used to help make informed storage management and retention decisions. The reports produced by the Discovery Agent help administrators create intelligent Archive and ILM policies (for example, determining how long messages should remain in the live message store before they are archived or what the storage implications of archiving Trash messages are).

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Selecting Discovery Job Criteria

After creating your Discovery Job and specifying appropriate Job Settings as described in Job Creation and Distribution, you are ready to select advanced Discovery Job criteria. To begin, click the name of the job you created earlier. By default, the Job Settings tab is displayed. The Job Settings tab allows you to configure basic settings for any of your jobs. The Job Settings tab is available on each Job Agent and is displayed by default when you click on the name of the job you created.

Click the Criteria tab. The Criteria tab allows you to specify the name of the task and the type of information you want to include in your report.

Configuring Discovery Jobs

Enter a Task name and brief Task description to help you identify the type of discovery task you are configuring.

Old Message Threshold: [x] days

Included in the Discovery job report are the number and size of old messages in each mailbox. This option allows you to define a threshold for what will be regarded as an old message. For example, if you want to obtain statistics specifically for items older than 1 year in your GroupWise system, choose 365 days. The Old Message Threshold is particularly useful in making storage management and retention decisions about how long messages should reside in the live message store.

Forbidden Attachments

The Discovery Job report can also include statistics on specific attachment types residing in the GroupWise accounts. This option allows you to specify what kind of attachments you wish to include in those statistics. Simply specify the file extension types for all the attachments you want included in the statistics (this will be cumulative rather than per extension type). Including forbidden attachments in your job allows you to see how much storage space is currently being used up by those attachment types. This can also allow you to determine exactly what type of information is being stored in your GroupWise system and whether you need to perform a cleanup before you decide to archive the information.

Report only users with no activity in the last [x] days

This option allows you to restrict the job report to consider only those GroupWise accounts which have been idle for a specified period of time. Specifying a value of 0 days will include all accounts assigned to the job. Typically, you would use this option if you want to gather information to identify inactive users or accounts in the email system, which can then be removed from the system to free up additional storage space.

Sort by

This option allows you to specify how you want your Discovery reports sorted. Reports can be sorted by the following criteria:

  • Name
  • Message Count
  • Message Size
  • Old Messages Count
  • Old Messages Size

Enable tracing

This option allows you to enable trace logging. For other Job Agents, this feature is enabled on the job’s Log Settings tab. However, Discovery Agent jobs log to log files on the archive nodes rather than use the job reporting system as used by other Agents. This option enables additional error logging to track any potential problems you may encounter during your Discovery Job. You should only need to Enable tracing when you are encountering problems with your Discovery activities. The log files are written to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Netmail\Trace\<Current Date> folder on the archive node(s) executing the Discovery job..

Enable debug tracing

Again, for troubleshooting scenarios, this option allows you to enable additional debug tracing in the log files described above.

Enable notify

By default, the Discovery Job report is written to the Master archive node in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Netmail\Discovery\Reports folder. Select the Enable notify option if you also want to send the resulting Discovery report as an email attachment to a specified email address. Under GroupWise Account for notifications, specify an email address where you want the report to be sent.

Important: After specifying your Discovery Job Criteria options, click Save to save your settings. If you do not click Save, your settings will not be saved.

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