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Documentation for Netmail Archive 5.4.
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The Group Agent is used to schedule a series of jobs to run sequentially. The Group Agent helps administrators make intelligent scheduling decisions by allowing you to configure jobs to run in an automated fashion, one after the other.  This removes the need for constant administrator intervention to run multiple jobs.

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Specifying Job Settings

After creating your Group Job as described in Job Creation and Distribution, you are ready to select advanced Group Job criteria. Since the Group Agent runs jobs which have been configured on other agents, the only configuration required for your Group Job is on the Job Settings tab.

Describing a Job

Under Description, describe the job you are configuring.

Selecting Job Priority

The Job Priority option allows you to assign a priority level to a job – high, normal (default setting), or low. With this setting, the JobManager process, which is responsible for allocating queued job threads to available thread slots on the Archive nodes, selects from the queue according to the priority setting. As such, if a normal priority job is already running and using up all available job threads, setting your job to high priority and executing it will result in any freed threads being used for the new urgent job.The priority setting is useful only in scenarios where you need to have multiple jobs running concurrently and want to control which job takes priority with respect to thread allocation.

Scheduling a Job

The Schedule option allows you to specify when your job should be executed. You can schedule your jobs to execute automatically, either once only or on a regular basis. or you can execute your jobs manually, on demand. For a Group Job, the scheduled date and time apply to the start time of the first job in the chain of jobs.

Note that if you wish to chain specific jobs on a regular basis, you may wish to disable scheduling for these individual jobs so they don't run twice (i.e., once as scheduled as an individual job, and again as part of a group job).

  • Daily: To schedule a job to run automatically at a fixed time every day, set the time in hours and minutes (HH:MM) when you want your job to start, and then select the Daily option.
  • Weekly: To schedule a job to run automatically at a fixed time, but only on certain days of the week, set the time in hours and minutes (HH:MM) when you want your job to start, and then select the Weekly option. Select the day(s) of the week on which to run your job.
  • Specify Date: To schedule a job to run automatically at a specific time on a specific date, select the Specify Date option. Set the time in hours and minutes (HH:MM) when you want your job to start, and then click the calendar icon to choose the date (MM/DD/YYYY).
  • Restart Group When Completed: This option is useful if, for example, you want to implement continuous archiving, you have more than one job, and you want to loop through the jobs. Selecting this option allows you to run through your Group Job sequence, and then loop back to the first job once the last job in the sequence has finished.
  • Disable: If you have not scheduled a job to run automatically, the Disable option is selected by default. This allows you to save the job while disabling any scheduled automatic executions.
  • Run Now: To manually trigger a job to run immediately, select the Run Now option, and click OK in the dialog box to confirm that you want to run the job now.

Job Chaining

After you have scheduled your job to run at a specific time, you need to configure a list of jobs to chain.

To select jobs:

1. Under Job chaining, click Select. A list of all jobs currently configured for all Agents is displayed.

2. In the dialog box that appears, double-click each job you want to schedule to run consecutively, and then click Close.

Note: If no jobs appear in the job list, you need to create and save jobs under the other Agents.

3. Your list of selected jobs now appears under Job chaining. Review the list of jobs. If you want to exclude any jobs from the list, highlight the name in the list, and click Remove. If you want to rearrange the order of the jobs, use the Up and Down buttons to reposition selected jobs in the sequence.

4. When you are satisfied with your job selection, click Save.

Important: After specifying your options, click Save to save your settings. If you do not click Save, your settings will not be saved.

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