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Documentation for Netmail Archive 5.4.
Documentation for [Netmail Archive 5.3] and [earlier versions of Netmail] is also available.

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In the tree menu on the left-hand side of the Netmail Administration Console, select Archive > Clusters > <Cluster Name>. By default, the Configuration tab is displayed. The Configuration tab displays software version, server type, and network address information about Netmail Archive. The Configuration tab also allows you to edit the settings for your Index Server(s), to test your Index Server(s), and to set your default log and notification settings. For more information on using the Cluster Configuration tab to configure Netmail Archive, see Netmail Archive System > Configuration Tab.

For now, click the Address Book Sync tab.

The Address Book Sync tab lets you specify your Address Book Cache settings.

Address Book Cache

Netmail Archive reads information from the bddress book of your mail system into an Address Book Cache stored in the Netmail Archive configuration held in eDirectory. This cache is subsequently used by Netmail Archive to store additional information about the mail system accounts and to allow you to allocate these accounts to Netmail Archive jobs, such as archive jobs. The Address Book Cache is updated by a periodic process which reads the mail system address book.

The settings under Address Book Cache control how often the Address Book cache is updated and how Netmail Archive connects to your mail system to read the address book.

Cached Address Book Update Settings

By default, following installation, Netmail Archive is pre-configured to run the Address Book Cache update every day at 06:00 hours, so as not to compromise the performance of your email system during peak hours. This timing can be amended by adjusting these settings.

  • Under Run cache update process, set the time in hours and minutes (HH:MM) when you want to update your system Address Book Cache. It is recommended that you schedule the cache update process to run during overnight or evening hours to avoid using valuable CPU resources during the day.
  • Under Update cache: every [x] days, set the frequency, in days, for how often you want the cache update process to run. If you update your address book frequently, you may want to schedule regular cache updates.

Configured Address Book Server

These settings define the connection to be used to read your system address book. They are configured initially during the Netmail Archive installation.

  • Under User, enter a GroupWise account user ID to be used when establishing the mail system connection. It is recommended that Netmail Archive uses the dedicated GroupWise account you created at installation time.
  • Under IP, enter the IP address of a local Post Office Agent (POA).
  • Under Port, enter the TCP/IP port used by the POA for the relevant connector type, default 1677 for Object API (OAPI), or 7191 for SOAP. Refer to the Configuration tab to check whether you are configured for SOAP or OAPI connectivity.
  • The Load users from file option allows you to import an existing user list by specifying the Path where the file is saved.
  • The Use Domain Database to process users option allows you to process users using the GroupWise Domain Database. Enter a path to the database, user, and corresponding password. This option is valid only if you are using the GW Admin API.

Tip: If your system meets the required system recommendations, you should be able to process approximately 4000 users per minute.

Note: Netmail does not support email addresses with a leading underscore character (e.g., The Address Book Sync job will return an error if tries to process such an account.

Updating the Address Book Cache Manually

Netmail Archive will automatically run an Address Book Sync when you start the Netmail Archive services on your Master archive server. If you change the Address Book Cache settings, or if you wish to run the update process manually for any other reason, under Address Book Cache, select Run Now to update the Address Book cache immediately.

Monitoring the Address Book Sync Job

When you run the update process manually, or if you wish to confirm the automatically scheduled execution, you can use the Monitor feature of the Netmail Administration Console to track the execution of the update process. In the tree menu, click the Archive object, and then select the Monitor tab. The Monitor tab tracks the jobs currently being processed by your archive nodes.

On the Monitor tab, expand the Cluster node objects by clicking the + icon. A SyncAB Trigger should appear in the Running Job ID column of the Master node. You can monitor the status of the job and the elapsed time of the job.

 Confirming that the Address Book Sync has run successfully:

Once the Address Book Sync job is complete, you can confirm that it executed successfully in one of three ways:

1. Job Report: In the tree menu on the left-hand side of the Netmail Administration Console, select Archive > Clusters > <Cluster Name>, and then select the Report tab. The Report tab displays the job report for the Address Book Sync job. You should see a recent entry for the most recent execution and a Succeed count matching the number of accounts synchronized. For more information about the Report tab, see Reporting with Netmail Archive.

2. P.O. Tab: In the tree menu on the left-hand side of the Netmail Administration Console, select Archive > Clusters > <Cluster Name>, and then select the P.O. tab. If the Address Book Sync process has completed you should see a list of your GroupWise Post Offices listed.

3. Archive Agent Job - User Selection List: In the tree menu, select Archive > Clusters > <Cluster Name> > Agents > Archive > Sample Archive Job. This will display the Job Settings tab of a sample archive job. Under the User List list box, click Select to open the User List window. Leaving the All option next to Type selected, click List Users. Assuming the Address Book Sync process completed successfully, the list of mail system accounts from the cache will be loaded into the selection list on the left-hand side.

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Viola does convincingly show that violent resistance to collectivization was not confined to the non Russian peripheries of the Soviet Union: Not only the Ukraine but also the Central Black Earth and Central Volga regions of the Russian Republic experienced serious and large scale disturbances and a high incidence of peasant "enemy acts, But it remains unclear whether there was a basic difference of response between different regions of the Soviet Union, Notably between regions with Slavic and Muslim communities, And or possibly a most violent range of peasant responses to collectivization murder [url=]dating ukraine ladies[/url] of officials, Large scale armed peasant revolts that had to be put down with troops was characteristic of the entire archipelago Soviet Union, Albeit at different levels of incidence in several regions, Or was confined to a relatively small number of regions. equally, One select to know more about the regional distribution of milder forms of protest such as arson and the "ladies revolts, in a case where, as an example, As the OGPU shapes cited by Viola imply, The Muslim peasants of Central Asia were more inclined than Russian peasants to murder collectivization officials and activists, But much more unlikely that to resort to arson, These are differences that deserve discussion and criteria.Second, "currently the peasantry" With which Viola is concerned has a worryingly global and non local quality. The advent does not clearly identify it as Russian (Though a passing reference on p. 5) But is "Soviet peasantry, Comprising sets from Muslims in Uzbekistan to Orthodox Slavic in Western Russia, A substantive category? This question is very salient because Viola's argument rests on the premise that a basic cultural confrontation "Communist" vs,compared to "Peasant" Culture composed the anti collectivization revolts of 1930. some "Communist" Culture manifest in collectivization had been monolithic, the same in all regions (Though that continues to be to be demonstrated by empirical research), But the implicit declare that "Peasant" Culture in the Soviet Union was monolithic much less expensive plausible. It would be weird to demand of a pioneering study like Viola's that it provide detailed coverage of the whole range of anti collectivization protests' responses among different ethnic and regional peasant communities of the Soviet Union.A third condition with Viola's argument is how, If the peasant hindrances of 1930 were really so threatening, The regime was able to suppress them so quickly (except for some peripheral areas, remarkably Central Asia) And easily. Viola says this is a "web civil war, (l. 3) But the fact it did not become an actual civil war is significant. How was this effects avoided? Viola dismisses the problem with the remark that "Like almost every other peasant rebellions, This one was determined to fail, (l. 234) But that only begs today. She never attempts to consider in detail the ways that they the state responded administratively and militarily and why these responses worked.The book has a useful and impressively detailed Bibliography but, all the same, each and every discussion of sources (Which would have been particularly useful for the new archival material). Scholars in the Soviet field will regret the lack of an exact archival area for one of the key documents used, The OGPU memorandum mentioned previously. This document is listed in the archives component to the Bibliography, But the only location given is a not yet published associated with documents on collectivization edited by V. t. Danilov, Roberta Manning, and thus Viola. the advantage that a key segment of the OGPU document (Its statistical tables) has already been published by Danilov and A.This is an impressively researched and well crafted study that will surely become a standard work on Soviet collectivization and peasant revolt. It is a book steeped in the comparative literature of peasant studies whilst in the Soviet archival materials, And social historians away from the Russian field should find it no less engrossing and valuable than their colleagues in Russian/Soviet history. Gale Group is a Thomson consortium Company.
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