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Netmail 6.x


Many times an export to PST will result in an error regarding Outlook, eg. "error exporting to PST, make sure Outlook is installed on the Archive nodes" or "error exporting to PST (could not initialize PST store because Outlook is not installed on this node.)".  This article will explain some common causes of this error.


As indicated on the Export job itself (when selecting output to PST) a necessary requirement is the presence of Outlook on the server(s) which will be executing the job.  Still, many times administrators continue to encounter Outlook errors.

Possible reasons may include:

  1. Wrong Outlook version: Please make sure the version of Outlook you've installed is either 2010, 2013, or 2016 and it must be 32-bit.
  2. Job did not run on the server where Outlook is installed: If your Netmail system has multiple archive servers but not all of them have Outlook, the job may have been dispatched to one of the nodes without.  You can restrict where PST jobs can run by expanding the "Nodes" container (in the left-hand side of the admin console) and then excluding the Export agent from the nodes which don't have Outlook.
  3. A conflicting software is installed with Outlook: See Cannot Install Microsoft Outlook on Netmail Archive server


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