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Netmail Archive 5.x


Default access control settings in Netmail Archive only allow Super Users to delete archived messages from those repositories to which they have Super User rights; such rights are not normally accorded to regular users. It is possible to modify the Netmail Archive xgwxmlv.cfg configuration file so that all users of Netmail Archive will be able  to delete their own archived e-mail messages.


To configure the system to provide global archive deletion rights to all users, modify the xgwxmlv.cfg configuration as follows:


1) On the Netmail Archive server hosting the Remote provider, navigate to ...Program Files(x86)\Messaging Architects\Remote Provider, and open the xgwxmlv.cfg file for editing.


2) Approximately halfway down the file, there is a section labelled "General Cfg."


3) Under the heading labeled “# ACL for regular users," change the "Message.deletable" parameter from "false" to "true." Save the file.


4) Restart the Netmail AWA Remote Provider service


Since this is a global configuration change, all Netmail Archive users will have the right to delete messages from their own accounts once the Remote Provider service is restarted.


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