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Netmail Archive (HP2)


Earlier versions of Netmail deployed in GroupWise environments used WebAccess-based authentication for access to Netmail Search, but as of Netmail (HP2) with GroupWise 2014, the only supported native method of authentication is SOAP.

This article documents the correct configuration that must be present in the xgwxmlv.cfg configuration file to allow GroupWise 2014 authentication for Netmail Search access. If the authentication method is misconfigured in the configuration file, Netmail Search access will not be possible.


Previous versions of GroupWise used WebAccess-based authentication to allow logins to Netmail Search, but the only authentication method supported in GroupWise 2014 environments is SOAP.

If Netmail Search access fails, the authentication method in the xgwxmlv.cfg configuration file should be checked and modified as needed (file path is generally C:\Program Files (x86)\Messaging Architects\Remote Provider).

To enable SOAP-based authentication with GroupWise 2014, open the configuration file for editing and verify the Authentication method entry (auth.method) present in the xgwxmlv.cfg configuration file. If the auth.method entry is not GWSOAP, the file must be modified to indicate GWSOAP, and the authentication configuration (auth.config) should point to the server hosting GroupWise WebAccess where the necessary credentials are stored (an example is provided below):




Make the changes and save the configuration file; restart the Netmail AWA Remote Provider service.

Logins to Netmail Search with GroupWise 2014-based systems should now be possible.

If pointing the authentication configuration to the GroupWise WebAccess server does not allow logins to Netmail Search, try pointing to the GroupWise Post Office, or use the settings configured for running SyncAB  jobs.



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