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Netmail Archive, all versions


After installing Netmail Archive and running the first ABsync job to update the address book cache and synchronize user accounts to Netmail Archive, the job fails with the following error:


Error: error opening the account.
Error: giving up on loginrequest. unable to connect to the remote server


This error can be generated if the same API is not used both by Netmail Archive and the GroupWise Post Office Agent (POA)

This article will explain how to verify whether or not the same API is active in both locations, and how to update the system so that the same API is active in both.


One possible reason for this error is that Netmail Archive is using the GroupWise SOAP API, but SOAP is not enabled on the GroupWise POA as well.

The API used by the GroupWise POA may be modified as follows:

  • In ConsoleOne, edit the properties of the POA objects.
  • Under the GroupWise tab > Agent Settings, check the box next to 'Enable SOAP' and click Ok.


The other option is to modify the Netmail Archive settings to use Object API (OAPI) instead of SOAP.

The API used by Netmail Archive can be modified as follows:

  • Login to the Netmail Archive WebAdministration Console and navigate to Archive > ClusterConfiguration Tab.
  • In the About section, select GroupWise Object API as the Messaging Server Type. Save the changes.


Note: Some Netmail features require SOAP for them to work, such as stubbing. Refer to this article for a comparison of the differences between SOAP and OAPI.



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