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Netmail Secure 5.x


Daily updates to anti-spam and anti-virus definitions for Netmail Secure agents do not take place. Alarm messages are not triggered and no connection attempts to the update server are logged by the firewall.

The PostgreSQL database may indicate that the xspam engine 4 was not updated. This article will explain why updates are blocked and how to resolve the issue.


The definitions cannot be updated because definition updates are blocked by a content filtering proxy. Verify that ports 80 and 21 outbound (used by Netmail Secure to update the definitions) are open, as well as port 25.

If a content filtering proxy is in place, running a packet sniffer and tcpdump to analyze network traffic can verify that the issue is related to a content filtering proxy as the packet trace will show an internal redirection when update attempts are made.

To allow agent definition updates on Netmail Secure, make sure that a content filtering proxy is not in place to block connections to the update server and prevent daily updates to these definitions.


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