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Netmail Secure


Obtained a CRT certificate file from the CSR, need to convert it to PEM to work with Netmail Secure


1. Open a putty session to the Secure VM

2. Copy the obtained CRT file from the CSR to the working directory

3. Run the following command to first convert the CRT file to a DER file

             openssl x509 -in example.crt -out openssl.der -outform DER

             (Substitute example.crt as your current CRT filename)

4. Than run the following command to convert the openssl.der file which we just created to a PEM file

             openssl x509 -in openssl.der -inform DER -out openssl.pem -outform PEM

5. There you go, now you have a openssl.pem file which works for Netmail Secure.


Please refer to for help installing certificates and help on creating them.


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