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Netmail 5.x


When running a migration job to inject mail into Exchange, by default the job will re-create the entire folder structure of the archives in the live mailbox.  This is useful during mail system migration scenarios so that the mailbox structure retains the look/feel after the move, as well as for user convenience.  However there may appear cases where administrators would like to carry forward, or specifically inject, only a subset of folders.  Re-creating the entire folder structure would not be desirable in these cases so the default behavior must be overridden.


To prevent the job from recreating the entire folder structure in the mailbox, use an LDAP browser to edit the migration job parameters:

  1. Create a migration job using the Archive Webadmin.
  2. Open up an LDAP browser and browse to the Netmail Archive configuration containers in eDirectory.
  3. Expand the container ou=Jobs,ou=GWOpenNode(<IP address>).
  4. In that container you will see an object for each job configured on the system.  Select the one representing the migration job created above, and edit the maParameters attribute.
  5. Update the add the <fullfolderstructure/> parameter, as shown in the following example:

<PRM><NotifyEmail></NotifyEmail><NotifyMask>5</NotifyMask><LogCnnString>Driver={PostgreSQL ODBC Driver(UNICODE)};Server=localhost;Port=5432;Database=netmailarchive;Uid=postgres;Pwd=xxxxx; </LogCnnString><LogMask>5</LogMask><fullfolderstructure>false</fullfolderstructure>...</PRM>


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