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Netmail Search 6.1 / 6.2


Netmail Search label strings are stored in editable text files for every supported language.   This article explains how to customize them for your needs.


Netmail Search label strings are stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\Messaging Architects\RemoteProvider\WebContent\resources\locale\.  To change strings for the English Language, edit the "app-lang-en.txt" file.

For example, to change the "User Name" field label on the login page to be "Email Address", open the app-lang-en.txt file and replace "User Name": ''" with "User Name": ''Email Address" and then save the file.

String changes will be recognized after a restart of the Netmail Client Access service.  Also it is recommended to clear your browser cache before reloading the page, so that the new changes are immediately visible.

See Customizing the Login Screen.


It is recommended to make a backup of any configuration file before editing, in case the edit is incorrect and causes issues.

It is also recommended to make a backup of the file after editing, because subsequent Netmail patches may overwrite these changes and restore the defaults. 

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