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Netmail Archive 5.4.4+

Exchange 2010+


As of HP4 (v5.4.4.53) users can receive proxy rights to other users' archives according to the rights they already have in Exchange for mailboxes.  This means that if UserA is allowed to open the mailbox of UserB (in Exchange) then UserA will also be allowed to see the archives of UserB in Netmail Search.  This is an optional behavior, enabled and configured as per below.


To enable the Exchange Proxy access feature in Netmail Search:

  1. Navigate to the configuration file of each remote provider located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Messaging Architects\RemoteProvider\xgwxmlv.cfg
  2. Add the following options to the file:
  3. Restart Netmail Search ("AWA Remote Provider" service)
  4. The next time you log into Netmail Search, there should be a new option available next to the Log Out option: Open another mailbox...  This option works similar to OWA; just type in the email address of the account whose archives you wish to view.

If permission is granted, the mailbox is added to your view in Netmail Search, just below your own mailbox on the left-hand side.  It will remain saved and when you log-off so you don't have to re-open it every time. 

The system will periodically poll the Exchange system in the background, validating the existing access rights.  If the access to a mailbox is revoked, that mailbox is removed from your view in Netmail Search and will no longer appear upon login.  This polling is performed every X minutes as specified in the exchange.proxy.poll.interval option (ie. 60mins in the example above).


Known limitation:  Proxy access in Exchange must be explicitly granted to a specific user account for Netmail Search to detect it.  Proxy access granted via group inheritance (for example) will not be detected properly.



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