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Copy and paste the text in bold and fill up the information in the case prior to escalating. See description of each point below.

  1. Escalation type
  2. Describe the problem
  3. Describe the environment
  4. Describe the troubleshooting steps you tried
  5. Attach logs (see minimum requirements) and note relevant date and time


Escalation type (Stuck and need help, Reproducible Defect, Feature Request)

Describe the problem

Provide a clear description of the situation, things like:

  • Symptoms you are seeing
  • Error message screenshot, and in text so the error is searchable in Salesforce
  • Screenshots should show the full UI
  • Does the issue affect multiple users? Just one user?

Describe the environment

  • Mail server and version (E.G. Exchange 2013, Groupwise 2014, etc)
  • NetGovern product and version (E.G. Archive
  • Versions of other relevant applications (E.G. Outlook 2013 32-bit, Firefox 63 64-bit)
  • Describe the system (E.G. 3 nodes, recently upgraded, no firewall, domain-joined)
  • The servers are using a host file
  • There is a load balancer in the front of the server.

Describe the troubleshooting steps you tried

  • What have you done to diagnose and investigate the issue?
  • What are the steps you followed? Please be specific.
  • Can you duplicate in a lab? If this is something reproducible with the client's data, please attach it.
  • What changed recently?
  • Did you search existing cases?
  • Did you search using Google?

 Attach logs and note relevant date and time

  • Try to provide the minimum amount of logs while still providing useful information
  • Enable debug logging
  • Re-run the job with just one user
  • State the date/time when the issue occurred, when the job started, etc.

Minimum traces/logs required:

  • Archive job - Trace Folder
  • Index job - NIPE log, DB Summary with Details and DB Trace (logging enabled)
  • ILM/Export/Storage job - DB Summary with Details and DB Trace (logging enabled)
  • Detach issue - DB Summary with Details and Trace folder (logging enabled)
  • Netmail Search access - DP.log (dp logging enabled)
  • Netmail Search searching - Dp.log and NIPE log (dp logging enabled)
  • Outlook Add-in - Trace from workstation and DP.log (dp logging enabled)
  • OWA issue - A_log and DP.log (dp logging enabled)


Please make an effort to attach traces/logs that are easy to follow. You can achieve this by renaming the existing trace folder and re-rerunning the job and duplicating the issue. That will speed up response time from development. Uploading a 100 MB file will simple force them to ask for the traces again.

There are cases where some information will be irrelevant/unnecessary, it is impossible to create a template that would suit all types of cases. Please do a best effort to include the information, and if you cannot, the reasoning as to why it cannot be included.