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Netmail Search 5.x


Find herein a sampling of searches which can be performed in Netmail Search.



Advanced Search->Message->Word List
This assumes an "OR" statement, meaning that if any of these words come up, it will match.  Each term on its own line, eg:
Putting all words on the same line implies an "AND" statement, so all words have to appear somewhere in the email:
eg.  venture capital funding
Using quotes means all words have to be in the email and be exactly as typed:
eg.  "venture capital funding"
Quick Search
The asterisk (*) is for wild card searches.  This will allow to you use word stemming (ie. root words) to find all variants and possible endings:
eg.  terminat*
The minus symbol (-) indicates a forbidden term.  This would typically be used in a bigger query where you want to find some words, but eliminate any emails that have other words:
eg.  social security -number
Using a back slash symbol (\) is the escape character, meaning take the next symbol as literal.  Great for searching on quotes for example:
eg.  "I heard him say \"Keep this secret\" in the staffroom."
Netmail Search supports virtually all boolean operators such as AND, OR, NOT, BUT, NEAR, etc.  However they must be capitalized to be recognized as operators instead of search terms.
social AND security
Social OR security
Netmail Search supports some regex (regular expression) or pattern matching.  You use the forward slash symbol (/) to initiate it.  For a larger string you must also end with it.  The search below would find 4 digits in a row, or 2 letters and 2 digits.  There is a limit of 4 such variables in a row.
Parentheses can be used to construct nested expressions.  Here is an example of finding "newspaper" or "news paper" using the NEAR operator
eg.  (news NEAR/2 paper) OR newspaper

Attachment Searching:
Searching for terms within attachments does not support stemming  ie. the search term must be exact, without a wildcard (*).
Searching inside of compressed files is not supported.

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