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The GroupWise API has a limitation in that it does not return group membership information for groups solely held in received Shared Address Books of a GroupWise user mailbox.  The GroupWise API only returns Group names from received Shared Address book groups contained in user mailboxes.  Because of this API limitation Netmail is only able to migrate group names groups received through a Shared Address Book.

This means that if GroupWise personal groups contained in received Shared Address books need to be available in Exchange after the migration, an alternate method for creating the contact groups in Exchange is required.


There are a few ways to address this issue:

1. Have the group owner share the group in Exchange (refer to 

In some organizations, end users are responsible for setting up folder permissions and or delegations.  If the organization is likely to use shared address books in the future, the owner of the contact folder or group should setup sharing in Exchange, and the empty migrated contact group should be discarded.


2. Make the group into a Distribution Group or a Dynamic Distribution Group in Exchange.  If group information will be owned or managed by the Exchange Online Admins, or will be dynamically managed based on attributes in Active Directory, then create the group administratively.


3.  If a relatively quick solution is needed, the end user can quickly create a new contact group using the recipient list of the message, as long as a migrated message (sent or received type) containing the recipient list of the needed group exists. The basic steps to do this are:

  • Manually create a new group

  • Start a Reply to All action on the migrated message, and copy and paste the recipient list into the newly created contact group.

A tutorial explaining how to do this is available here.




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